Thursday, 23 August 2012


Fashion is basically about being comfortable, smart, and admirable for the right reasons. Our dressing and composure is the first thing about us that strikes an impression, so getting it right is of paramount importance. First of all, looking simple goes a long way in bringing out the beauty in us. From our colour combination, to make up, and accessories, all have to speak right and speak you.
These are a few rules on how to put the pieces together;
Socks should be matched with tie as an exception to something worn above the waist such as a shirt, tie, or suspenders.
Belt should be matched with shoes except when wearing a white of either piece. Always wear a belt with pants that have belt loops.
You shouldn’t wear ties with pocket squares of the same pattern.
Slip-on shoes must be worn with a suit. Suede shoes are fantastic for business dressing.
Suspenders shouldn’t be worn without a jacket.
Always make sure shirts and pants are ironed and never leave out to straighten collars well.
Tuxedos are fun for dinners. You are never a well-dressed man if your shoes, belt, wrist watch and hair cut are a poor taste or in a poor state.
Your casuals are best kept simple and less colourful.
Dressing as ladies have to fit and flatter. Bright colours are now in trend but you know you should not exceed three colours from head to toe. So I always advice a colour wheel while picking and/or combining colours (diagram of a colour wheel). This is how to use a colour wheel. Colours that match are colour opposite each other on the colour wheel, colours close to each other don’t work. Remember to avoid matching your jewelry with the colour of your dress by wearing same colour. Gold and silver jewelries work with all dress types.
As regards make-up application, our eyes speak a lot so the eye make-up also has to speak. Neutral colours on our eye and a nice mascara to elongate our lashes give big, bold and beautiful eyes. To make your eyes appear larger, applying two coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes and using a lash curler will also help. Use light coloured eye shadows on the lids for a wide-eyed look.
Our general make-up should not be used for more than six months on opening. Before we select the make-up to use, we should talk to a beautician so your skin can be tested and the best beauty product selected for use.
The best outcome and fit of our dressing as ladies has a lot to do with an appropriate under wear. One that fits and is perfect size brings out a good fit.
Most importantly, clothes are what we make them to be. Clothes are not all that make us beautiful, we make them too. So keep being beautiful, trendy, smart and always remember to wear a smile, it’s the finish to the dressing.
Chinonso Onwuchekwa

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