Saturday, 24 September 2011

Define Your Life

What is this life all about?
What is the purpose of life?

Sometimes, we tend to ask these questions within us or deeply in our hearts when life seems unfair. Better still, when we're tired of living. When nothing seems to happen around us despite our struggles, or when we couldn't find fulfillment in our life. Is there anyone come this stage in his or her life? I did.

Until you come to this point in your life, you've not starting the journey of life yet. You must reach to the point that you are not satisfy with the level you are now. Then, you will begin to find answers to the questions above. Answering these questions will enable you to achieve your destiny in this life.

By the time you discover the purpose of your life in this world, before you will be able to give life a meaning. Your level of thinking will widen your understanding or knowledge of life. You will not define it in one aspect but in a wider range. There is more to life, not just on the surface or one side of it.  You need to excel in every facet of life, the ability to achieve that has been granted unto us by God. Know that, there are no limitations to the level you want to reach in life, only you can create the boundaries or barriers in achieving your destiny in life. As William Barclay once said ; “There are two great days in person's life-the day we are born and the day we discover why". ...

The true of the matter is that, we fail to know that life has a lot to offer not only on the level we are now. We think that, life is all about fun, but on the contrary, it is far beyond that.

By the time you know the purpose of your existence, and then you will be able to discover your destiny and work hard to achieve it.

It is good for you to understand that God has created you for purpose. He had you in mind even before you were born and knows what you will become in the future. So, the fact that, you are alive today is not by an accident, there is a reason for your being into this world.

I discover that, the more I ask myself the above questions, the more closer I am in reaching my destination. I discover that, there are lots and lots of potentials in me that are yet to be discover, and by answering these questions, it pushes me to work more harder in discovering them, thereby living according to the purpose of my existence. To me, life is worthless without impacting the lives of others positively and doing it to His glory.

My heart cries out each day to fulfill the reason for my existence in this world. To discover those potentials and use it to the benefit of humanity and to the glory and honour of His (God) name.

The whole of the matter is that, it is very easy to discover the purpose of our existence here on earth. The Key to that is JESUS CHRIST. If you can surrender your life to Him, then He will help you to define your life and fulfill the reason for your living. Why not allow Him to come and make the different in your life, then your life will never be the same again.

He is the reason why we live!

With love, 

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